Introducing Insight

Insight Talent is a turn-key talent solution for small to medium sized organisations. It has been developed to solve your organisation’s talent challenge.

Uncover hidden gems

Uncover hidden gems

Avoid costly mistakes

Avoid costly mistakes

Deliver diversity

Deliver diversity

Build your brand

Build your brand

Help you scale

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

How Insight gives your company a competitive advantage

Promotes... your firm to the talent you want and need to grow your business

Manages ...the end to end hiring process

Develops ...industry leading assessment and selection tools.

Analyses ...hiring performance data to provide you with talent insights

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We promote your firm to the talent you want

Talent-centric hiring: We work with your team to define and communicate roles to appeal to the best talent.

Create new channels for talent: We actively engage with the talent market and leverage the Insight talent network.

Boost Referrals: Research suggests the best hires come from referrals and recommendations. We focus on creating an accessible platform for existing staff and talent networks to increase and act upon referrals and recommendations

Build your own engaged talent pool: Few firms have a long-term approach to recruitment, even fewer have the tools to maintain engagement with the talent pool. We nurture and develop the relationships through the Insight platform.

Dynamic Hiring for Your Business

We manage… everything

Establish Talent Strategy: Identify recruitment challenges and define priorities and goals to optimise talent strategy.

Candidate Vetting: Manage all incoming applications and pre-screen filter through relevant candidates to your hiring manager.

Ensure Positive Candidate Experience: We are committed to responding to all applicants within 7 days.

Coordinate Interview Process: Organise interviews and provide feedback from hiring manager to candidate.

Offer to Onboarding: Conduct new-starter check-ins and exit interviews to build a better understanding of employee experiences.

Develop assessment

We develop industry leading assessment & selection tools.

Coaching: We provide training and ongoing support for your staff on hiring best practices.

Design Selection Tools: We provide interview techniques & tools aligned to your companies values and needs.

Design Assessment Tools: We incorporate assessment into the selection process to improve predictability of performance.

Mitigate Risk: We increase visibility of hiring process and remove risk.


We analyse hiring performance data to give you talent insights

Get deeper understandings of key factors in the talent acquisition process in order to continously improve the results!

  • Where your talent come from
  • What is the diversity
  • Year on year improvements

Powered by your own, embedded Insight platform.

A dedicated candidate portal designed to give potential hires a great experience and increase applications

Integrates into your website to manage all applications and capture critical information to build a talent pool.

A back-end candidate management system that gives the client full visibility of all applications and tracks the entire recruitment process.